Robolearn Hackathon Yocto & OpenEmbedded Follow-up

Yocto environment

Yocto environment

Hi friends,

Thanks to Leon and Rado the Yocto & OpenEmbedded hackathon last Friday was really inspiring to dive in the depths of Linux customization. The experience to make a Linux distro exactly suitable to to your new devices needs instead off-the-shelf products was really useful. There was a lot of practical info shared during the hackathon, but if you are hungry for more – here are some useful links Leon and Rado sent. If you missed the meeting – there is a detailed presentation in SlideShare (though practical experience can hardly be substituted by any presentation 🙂

Links compilation from Leon:

* Yocto Project 2.0 documentation:

* Poky, referent system for Yocto Project:

* BSP (Board Support Package) layer for Raspberry Pi:

In Monday to its master git branch were added configurations for Raspberry Pi Zero as well as Leon’s recipes for  Raspberry Pi Sense HAT.

* BSP за А10/A20 Olinuxino from Olimex and other devices with Allwinner ARM SoC:

* Openembedded meta index for searching Yocto/OE layers and recipes:

* OpenFest presentation:

* Demo layer with hello world program, presented at the hackathon:

* Instructions for building Poky image for Raspberry Pi 2 (btw cnx – software is one of my favorite sites for embedded):

* Interesting Yocto/OE experiment, described by Leon in his blog about Wayland/Weston on Raspberry Pi:

* eLinux – the PLACE where you can find a lot of technical info about Raspberry Pi and compatible periphery, as well as many other embedded devices:

* Linux-sunxi Wiki – specific information about  devices with Allwinner SoCs (including most of Olimex boards):

Addition from Rado specific to BitBake:

Thaks once more to all of you who participated in the event and made the knowledge sharing happen, and especially to Leon and Rado! And lets work in 2016 to make such meetings more frequent!