RoboLearn Hackathon: IPTPI and LeJaRо meet the Real World – Programming Basic Survival Instincts for Robots

Welcome to RoboLearn hackathon on December 4-th, 2015 @ IPT Taining Center, 19.00 – 21.30h.

LeJaR0.1 LeJOS (java) robot as helpful friend

LeJaR0.1 LeJOS (java) robot as helpful friend

Mission: The world is complex and dangerous for small robots. Two brave robots LeJaRo and IPTPI dare to start their exploration of the Real World. Help them to survive falling, hitting walls and obstacles using Java (Pi4J, LeJOS), reactive programming (Reactor, RxJava), actor model (Akka), AI (Subsumption architecture) and more.

IPTPI RPi2 Java Robot

IPTPI RPi2 Java Robot

RoboLearn organizes hackathons on regular basis @ different places and with different challenges.We plan to organize Robotics and  IoT hackathons each first Friday of the month.

See some pictures from the previous event organized at FMI, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” –

About reactive programming see our presentation @ jProfessionals conferebce last Sunday.

Java code is available in Github –

There are also a lot of resources in GitHub Wiki –

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RoboLearn team