LeJaRo – LeJOS programmed Java Robot

LeJaRo - the Lego Java Robot

Has modular construction with 3 motors (with encoders) – one driving each chain, and third for robot hand. The hand has interesting construction allowing LeJaRo to grasp small cylindrical objects, to lift them up from the floor, to carry them some distance, and to put them on the floor again.
There are three sensors:

  • touch sensor – allowing to stop if there is a obstacle in front of the robot;
  • light color sensor – allowing the robot to sense the color of the floor and to follow line or to stop when at the end of the table;
  • infrared sensor – allowing the robot to follow IR beacon and to receive remote commands.

LeJaRo can be programmed in Java using LeJOS library and SD card image.

For programming examples please see our project @ GitHub: https://github.com/iproduct/course-social-robotics/tree/master/motors_demo.